Kickstart Guide

The 10 Steps To Launch

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  1. Define the problem you are solving
  2. Determine your solution is significantly better
  3. Validate there is a substantial market for it
  4. Raise needed funds
  5. Create the first version
  6. Decide your legal structure
  7. Protect anything proprietary
  8. Develop your branding
  9. Plan your go-to-market strategy
  10. Win your first customers

Getting Expert Help

Product Prototyping/Development - Trident Design
Web Development - NerdStuds
Hire Freelancers To Help With Anything - Upwork

Getting Resourced

Ben Debayle's Toolkit
Startup Stash





Getting Educated

Podcast - How I Built This
Great podcast to hear from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world on how they started their business.

Product Launches - Product Hunt
This is my favorite website. It lists all the new/notable products that launched that day. Great way to stay keep a pulse on what's getting introduced to the market.

Video Course - How To Start A Startup
Best suited for tech ideas, but something for everyone. This was Sam Altman's class for Stanford MBA students taught by several experts. Sam leads the worlds best incubator for new tech companies called Y-Combinator.

Podcast & Book - Entreleadership
This podcast is perfect for helping small businesses grow--learning everything from sales, marketing, operations, and leadership from industry experts. Dave Ramsey accompanies the podcast with an insightful book by the same name that I recommend.

Book - Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary is the leading voice on all things social media and the changing business climate. This is his latest book and you will learn a lot.

I have a lot more stuff to recommend, but didn't want to overwhelm you so if you get through all of this, contact me for more :)