More often than not, whenever someone comes to me a with a “new” idea, I can usually cite at least 1–2 companies that have recently launched with a near-identical idea.

I’m a naturally curious person and like to stay updated on what’s happening in startups, tech, and products. But, I really don’t spend a ton of time digging to discover this info. It’s actually much easier than you would think to remain in-the-know. Here is what you need to do.

1. Subscribe to CrunchBase

CrunchBase sends a daily email with all of the latest funding activity. Which-investor-funded-what is a great way to quickly know the ideas that are gaining steam and will be viable in the marketplace. Here is an example of the email they sent me today:

You can subscribe here.

2. Follow Product Hunt

CrunchBase is great at informing you of the funding activity, but Product Hunt is the single best place for hearing about ideas when the first hit the market. Everything from tech, products, games, books, and whatever else. I love this site. I recommend following their Twitter account where they post the latest. You can also subscribe to their newsletter on the site or even download their app.

Between the two of those, you’ll pretty much be covered!